I'm Kristy, a traditional illustrator who primarily works in watercolor, and Procreate. I also like to dabble in other traditional mediums as well as fiber art. My artwork is inspired by exploration, folklore, dreams, and nature.Like many creatives, for as long as I can feasibly remember, I have made art in some form. I spent much of my free time drawing, beginning with inspiration of my youth such as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, among many others.Currently, I am developing projects around my own creatures and characters, creating magical worlds, locales, and stories revolving around them.

"Voyager" Mixed Media on 140lb Hot Press Watercolor paper. 2020.

Art Tools

  • Sennelier l'Aquarelle Watercolor Tubes

  • Sakura Micron Pens

  • Derwent Coloursoft Colored Pencils

  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils

  • Strathmore 500 Series 140lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper

  • Arches Aquarelle 140lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper

  • Paul Rubens 140lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper (Glitter)

  • Apple iPad Air 4th Generation

  • Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

  • Procreate

  • Daylight Wafer 2 Lightbox

  • Tea

Commission Information

Before placing an order with me, please read my Terms of Service below. These terms apply to private and personal use commissions only. This information is not applicable for commercial work. Please inquire about commercial work in the Contact page.My commissions are open at this time. They will reopen at a later date.Please be sure to read through the guide thoroughly. All base prices are for one character, but I have included the estimated costs for additional characters and other additions. Note that these prices are simply estimates, and may increase or decrease in price based upon complexity of your character designs, lack of or lack of a good visual reference for said characters, complexity of backgrounds, and overall amount of detail in the artwork as a whole.

Watercolor Commissions

Scenic 5"x7"

Starts at 80 USD
Size: 5"x7"
Includes one character and a simple background. Max 2 characters.

Illustrated Background$20
Additional Character$5

Character details may be simplified due to size of painting area.

Scenic 8"x10"

Starts at 180 USD
Size: 8"x10"
Includes one character and an illustrated background. Max 3 characters.

Additional Character$10

Character details may be simplified due to size of painting area.

+ Prices are base prices and may increase due to complexity of composition, characters, and background. +

Commission Process

  • Once I receive the details of your order, I will review it and give you a price quote.

  • After accepting the price quote, you will be invoiced. Payment is expected within five (5) business days.

  • Sketch work will begin. You will receive a watermarked sketch for approval and changes can be discussed. After the sketch has been approved, I will no longer make any changes to the sketch.

  • Updates of sketch, line art and colored work in progress will be sent through your preferred means of contact.

  • Once work is completed, I will send you a watermarked version for final approval.

  • Once approved, I will send you a high resolution digital copy of your painting in 300 DPI.

  • Traditional paintings will be mailed at the client's request at the address provided in the commission details.

Payment Options

PayPal (USD)
Stripe (USD)

Watercolor Material & Sizing Information

  • Paintings are created on 140lb hot press watercolor paper.

  • ACEO (Art cards) are created on 140lb cold press watercolor paper.

  • Paintings have the option to be tea stained at no additional cost. Tea staining will result in a subdued, antique appearance.

  • All paintings have a 1/8" to 1/4" border, with the exclusion of art cards. This border is due to my painter's tape.


All traditional paintings are sealed within a plastic sleeve to help prevent water damage, and mailed within a rigid kraft mailer to prevent bending and surface damage during transit.
Traditional media paintings will be shipped via one of the following flat rates of the client's choosing:All Painting Sizes:
USPS Priority Mail - $9 (Domestic US only, tracking included.)
USPS Ground Advantage - $5 (Domestic US only, tracking included.)
5"x7" Paintings:
Please note that choosing the following methods of shipping, paintings will not be mailed within a rigid kraft mailer to prevent bending and surface damage.
USPS Snail Mail (Letter mail) - $1 (US, no tracking.)
USPS Snail Mail (Letter mail) - $2 (International, no tracking.)

What I can do

  • Fantasy themes

  • Nature themes

  • Original characters (Human or otherwise)

  • Animals / Fantasy Creatures

  • Adoptable Species

What I won't do

  • Hateful art, Gore & Fetishes

  • Mecha art & Realism

  • Cityscapes & Modern buildings

  • Fan art

  • Pornography & NSFW

Let's chat! Feel free to contact me. ✉

If you have any questions regarding my work, my process, want to commission me for a painting, or just want to chat, you are welcome to contact me!

Contact me

Terms of Service

Please read these terms carefully and in its entirety. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.
By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented below.
Last Updated: 10/04/2022

General Information

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request based on subject matter and my own skills/limitations.


  • Payments via PayPal, in USD. You will be invoiced.

  • Payments are to be made in full within five (5) business days of receiving an invoice.

  • Payment must be paid in full before any work will commence on the painting.

  • Shipping costs may be combined in case of orders with more than one commissioned painting.

  • To receive the physical painting, you must pay for shipping & handling.


  • The PayPal account must be under your name. If you are unable to hold your own PayPal account, and are using your parent/guardian’s account, you must provide proof that you have been given permission to use that account. Any disputes from you using their account without permission will be directed back to this TOS and your form agreement.

Copyrights/Ownership, Display Rights and Permissions

  • All work created is for personal use only and is copyright to me, Kristy Weidenheimer, and shall not be used for profit. My signature is to remain on the artwork at all times.

  • By commissioning me you are paying for labor and the scanned painting only. I retain full copyright to the artwork, which include but is not limited to: the right to distribute, reproduce, copy, and/or use the image as a sample for sales and self-promotion.

  • You are not allowed under any circumstances to edit/modify, distribute, make merchandise of, claim credit from, crop, recolor, filter, trace, or otherwise change the artwork in any way unless you have asked for my explicit permission. Only resizing is permitted.

  • Both personal and commercial works made by Sproutbird are not authorized in any capacity for use in any blockchain related technology, which includes NFTs and any other form of cryptocurrency.


  • Your name, physical address, PayPal address, and therefore email, will not be further used once your commission has been confirmed completed and/or delivered. This information will only be accessed for the following situations:

  • The package is returned to me and I am required to send it to your location.

  • The package does not arrive and I am required to investigate the issue with the postal service.

  • Payment is not received and I am unable to contact you elsewhere, in which case I will use your e-mail for contacting.

  • A charge back or other dispute is filed after delivery/shipping of your commission. In this case I will use any and all information available to me in order to resolve it in my defense.


  • Clients may request changes during the sketch phase within reason.

  • I reserve the right to reject suggestions and critiques pertaining to style and compositional preferences if I feel it will degrade the overall piece.

  • I reserve the right to recycle sketches and prep work that were rejected by the commissioner for my own whims.

  • For completed works, I am willing to fix any small errors that are within reason of the media used to create the artwork.


  • Cancellation of the commission will occur if the invoice hasn't been paid in five (5) business days of the invoice being sent.

  • Kristy Weidenheimer/Sproutbird reserves the right to refund/cancel the commission at any time.

  • At any time a commission is cancelled, I retain ownership to the property regardless of its state or level of completion.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission based upon any rude and/or inappropriate behavior.

  • If a transaction is not completed, you will not receive any product, and any service being rendered is halted. I may edit, change, or otherwise use it to my own whims.

  • Cancellations will grant a certain amount of refund depending on the state of your commission.


Full Refund

  • Sketch has not been completed.

  • There is a credible reason for the cancellation.

  • The artwork was damaged while in my possession and I am unable to replace materials.

  • Artwork cancelled on my end due to uncontrollable circumstances, emergencies, injuries, etc, that would render me unable to complete your painting within a timely manner.

Partial Refund (50%)

  • Sketch has been completed.

  • There is a valid reason for cancellation.

No Refund

  • Artwork that has reached the final phase of development, such as the finishing touches, and/or is ready to be shipped.

  • Artwork has already shipped

  • Artwork is considered undelivered/lost in transit.

  • No valid reason for cancelling.

Shipping Policy

  • Commissions will be shipped to the address supplied by your PayPal account unless client states otherwise.

  • All artwork is sealed within a plastic sleeve and mailed securely in a padded mailer for Priority Mail. Snail mail (letter mail) is shipped in a plastic sleeve and glassine bag within a standard envelope.

  • All packages will include a tracking number that will be provided to you, with the exception of the Snail Mail (letter mail) option.

  • Once the artwork leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for the actions of the postal service. I will not refund a commission if it is undelivered or lost in transit.

  • If the package is marked as “Return to sender,” I will contact the commissioner to verify shipping information.

  • If said package was undelivered due to fault of my own, I will cover the shipping costs and re-ship the package.

  • If fault lies with the commissioner, they are held responsible for the shipping fee.

Commission Work Week: Monday - Friday | Excluding Holidays | EST
* You will not be added to the queue until payment has been received.

Commission Queue

ClientDateTypeDescriptionStatusCompletion By

Past Commissions: 2020 - Present

Ausp-ice @dA09.19.2023PWYW Esk#6195 Auraeum Complete
Ausp-ice @dA09.19.2023PWYW Esk#6207 Vahi Complete
Ausp-ice @dA09.19.2023PWYW Esk#6482 Rahat Complete
dinstraction07.12.2023PWYW Esk#4423, #4230 Complete
callmeFlo @dA06.30.2023PWYW Esk#6239 Complete
dinstraction @dA12.14.2022PWYW Esk#4361 Complete
Revan-Dawnstar @dA12.08.2022PWYW Esk#3445 #5627 Complete
KaijuRomance @dA09.27.2022PWYW Esk#194 Somber Complete
dinstraction @dA09.23.2022PWYW Esk#3423 Ilk Complete
dinstraction @dA06.14.2022PWYW Esk#5200 Aira Complete
Seren @TWWM Discord04.25.2022PWYW Esk#4318 Lyvana Complete
Seren @TWWM Discord04.25.2022PWYW Esk#4540 Quell Complete
dinstraction @dA03.08.2022PWYW Esk#3290 Vizka Complete
MythicalDewdrop @dA02.07.2022PWYW Esk#3875 Momo Complete
April-Cakes @dA12.14.2021CustomCustom Starweaver Complete
Sathem @TWWM Discord11.18.2021PWYW Esk#2380 #2690 #203 Complete
senchasloth @dA09.16.2021PWYW Esk#359 Paget Complete
Kaosheen @dA09.07.2021PWYW Esk#3753 Aku Complete
glitterghostie @dA08.03.2021PWYW Esk#3519 Luebella Complete
Orielyn @dA08.02.2021PWYW Esk#005 Qyah Complete
Orielyn @dA08.02.2021PWYW Esk#1128 Liet Complete
ScarletsFeed @dA05.26.2021PWYW Esk#2996 Tzila & #4015 Ceres Complete
LettersofSky @dA05.06.2021PWYW Esk#4341 Forsaken Complete
dinstraction @dA04.13.2021PWYW Esk#4236 Keera Complete
erasvita @dA03.17.2021PWYW Esk#2053 Oisin & #2834 Shasta Complete
Kaosheen @dA03.04.2021PWYW Esk#3643 Quack Complete
ScarletsFeed @dA02.20.2021PWYC Esk#4197 Anwir Complete
ScarletsFeed @dA02.20.2021PWYC Esk#4169 Lior Complete
ScarletsFeed @dA02.20.2021PWYC Esk#3629 Rhys Complete
artdreya @dA09.21.2020PWYW Esk#3356 En Complete
mondayecho @dA08.24.2020PWYW Esk#3778 Complete
ReaperOfAngelsAO3 @dA08.19.2020PWYW Esk#3730 Complete
n123snow @dA07.19.2020PWYW Esk#1475 Po Complete
n123snow @dA07.19.2020PWYW Esk#3272 Nogara Complete
Kaosheen @dA06.22.2020PWYW Esk#3653 Grem Complete
Kaosheen @dA06.22.2020PWYW Esk#3653 Grem Complete
Thundering-Horses @dA05.27.2020PWYC Esk#1211 Seloran Complete
Thundering-Horses @dA05.27.2020PWYC Esk#3610 Delyn Complete
Thundering-Horses @dA05.27.2020PWYC Esk#216 Raylan Complete
glitterghostie @dA04.22.2020PWYW Esk#3468 Lyuba Complete
Skyeec2 @dA04.07.2020PWYW Esk#3446 Cyrus Complete
BeeSideBeauty @dA02.20.2020PWYW EskRosa Complete
BeeSideBeauty @dA02.20.2020PWYW EskRosa Complete